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History of the Mexican Cantina

A real gringos mind may jump immediately to the thought of cheesy enchiladas and guacamole laden tacos at the sound of the word ‘cantina’, but I’m here to tell you that a true Mexican cantina is something a world apart from the ‘tex-mex’ style cantinas Americans have come to know and love. This article was brought to you by our friends at So, if you want to immerse yourself into the sticky floored, tequila scented world of Mexican Cantinas? Read on What

How to save on your travel essentials

Let's face it, traveling isn't cheap. You have so many costs  thatyou forget about like getting to and from the airport, travel-sized toiletries, visiting a travel doctor if you're going somewhere that you, well, should see a travel doctor, etc. Well, one place you can find some deep discounts on all of your travel related purchases (minus the travel doctor) is on Groupon believe it or not. They have entered the coupon market in recent years and have compiled a vast list of participating businesses

Top Destinations In Vitoria, Brazil Not To Miss!

The top destinations in Vitoria help maintain the high standard of tourism industry this city has. They are among the most beautiful locations one can visit in southeastern Brazil and evne South America for that matter. Vitoria is more than just a leading thriving metropolis in the Brazilian state of Espiritu Santo but it is also its capital. As far as history is concerned, this is the third oldest capital in Brazil followed consecutively by Salvador and Recife. Its foundation was met with dire challenges

Protecting your health while abroad!

At home medical care is easy to take for granted; it’s something we can rely upon to be there if we need it. When travelling abroad things aren’t so straightforward; we cannot rely on healthcare provision just being there. Healthcare in foreign countries can operate by a very different system than you are used to at home and the quality of care provided may not always live up to what you would expect. Moreover, as a foreigner it is unlikely you will be entitled to free or subsidized care whilst

How to Travel Happily and Healthily

Illness and problems during your holiday is the last thing you want to think about, however this is life, and such things do occasionally happen. The key is to remain calm, but even more key, is avoiding problems wherever possible. Illness can often be brought on by being run down and over-tired, which makes you susceptible to picking up nasty bugs. Make sure you stock-pile your sleep before you jet off, especially if you’re travelling long haul. If you have an early flight, certainly consider

Best Place to Game in The World for The Tech Saavy

Experience excellent service in the world’s most luxurious gambling spots. People who frequent casinos often only go after one thing: the games. Roulette tables and slot machines often distract from the full experience that casinos have to offer, and casinos of old could get by from just having entertaining games that offered big payouts. Recently though, online gaming has begun to give land-based casinos a run for their money. Online casino games have begun offering better payouts, and better

Things to Do in the Capital Region of the USA!

  There’s more to do than visit the White House When people talk of visiting the capital of the free world, they often envision taking tours of the White House, and nothing but. While Washington, DC has become known for this and other historical monuments, there are many other places to visit in the Capital Region. Speaking to Peter Stephens, CEO of dialaflight, Lisa Cooper of the Washington Tourist Office argued that the other states making up the Capital Region are wonderful in their