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Save big on your next trip with Groupon’s Travelocity deals

Groupon has come a long way since it shot to fame with its popular deal-a-day coupons for various retail stores and services. The site has built up a massive network of more than 9,000 retailers offering over 70,000 different online coupons. Travel bugs like us might be interested to learn that one of Groupon's newest partners is the online travel agency Travelocity. Travelling isn't exactly cheap, but it becomes a lot more affordable when you can make big savings on the costs of things like hotels

Groupon’s offering some big deals on Wellness treatments

We'd all like to spend our days relaxing at the spa, enjoying soothing massages and generally being pampered all day. Unfortunately though, the reality is that most of us cannot, simply because such services are so expensive that they can only be considered as luxuries. Well, the good news is that luxury no longer needs to be unaffordable. We recently stumbled across the new look Groupon's health and wellness section, and were amazed to see all manner of deals being offered on everything from

Forget Yellow Pages, get the best value with Groupon!

Most discount lovers can probably recall the great bargains to be had at Groupon.com. Unfortunately, Groupon's discount-a-day coupons aren't as popular as they were in recent years, and that's led the company to get creative and look at new ways of promoting itself. Take a look at Groupon now and you'll be amazed to see the site is now effectively a full-fledged business listings directory, a bit like the old Yellow Pages. However, Groupon goes one step further than its new rival because, as users