Why Backing England for The World Cup May Not Be a Great Idea

Whether you check out ace pokies online or any other casino review site for that matter, you will see that World Cup fever has certainly spread. At the beginning of this tournament, many casinos were offering odds as short as 6/1 on England winning the competition. This looked like a smart investment once the English tossed Iran aside 6-2 in their opening game. Following a dismal display against the USA however, it looks like those who backed the Three Lions may be regretting it.

In terms of a real money casino USA many will offer cash-out options, so is this the time to pull your England money out? Let’s take a look.


Back in 2018, England looked very comfortable in the group games, comfortably beating Tunisia and Panama and even putting on a good show in the 1-0 defeat to Belgium. This time around, however, we are seeing some worrying signs. The 6 goals against Iran were great, but defensively they looked poor, and to concede 2 goals against that opposition was worrying. Fast forward to England’s second game of the group and we saw a very inept England side outplayed and outfought by the Americans. Even if England does advance, there are problems in that side that will impede them from going too far.

Stale Southgate

Another big issue that England are facing is the manager, who has been in the position for just over 7 years now. Gareth Southgate had never really proven a pedigree at club level, but it is fair to say that he has more than proven his worth on the international stage. Southgate however, is risking becoming stale in his position and many of his decisions of late have showcased that. Southgate has his own favorite players, he likes his own way of doing things and despite the world changing around him, he doesn’t seem prepared to change with it.

In The DNA

Despite the fact that this England side reached the finals of the Euros last year, they have not won a single trophy since they won on home soil back in 1966. This is cause for concern for an England side and fanbase who simply feel that it will never happen to them. This kind of thing lurks in the DNA of a national side and there is a very real concern that this could continue for many years to come. This is something that stays in the mind of the players as they reach the critical end of the tournament. Should England advance this year and actually find themselves in the latter stages, there is no doubt that those worries will once again creep in.

If you were thinking of placing money on this England side winning the World Cup then these are the reasons that you may wish to think again. The odds of 10/1 may seem attractive, but in reality there are a lot of reasons why it may seem shorter than it looks.