Moving Tips For Heavy Equipment

Do you have a piece of large and heavy equipment in your workshop and you plan to move it to another place? Transporting heavy equipment is a rather tricky job.  Many things go into the pre-moving stage such as preparing the equipment for the move, finding the best way to move it to hiring the right transportation company.  The moving of heavy equipment requires the assistance of special freight shippers with experience in handling large items and have specialist equipment to move the item on and off the flatbed truck.

Listed below are some tips that could help in making the machine moving process much safer and efficient:-

Start with a plan

The first thing to do is to have a clear plan on how you are going to move the machine from one place to another and the type of equipment that will be used during transportation.

Have a clear schedule

Besides having a plan, you also need a schedule.  A date has to be fixed when you will move the machine. With a schedule, you will be able to monitor the transportation deadline and ensure that the machine reaches the destination on time.

Plan the move carefully

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual which will guide you on the measures to be taken to avoid any accidents when making the move.  You may learn how to disconnect the batteries, empty any fluids, secure loose parts of the machine and many more.   You will also need to get the necessary permits to allow you to transport the equipment so it is important that you work with the transporter on this.

Heavy equipment is hauled in open-air transport vehicles and as such, it is best that you cover the vulnerable parts that can be damaged by rain, wind or snow.  

Cost of Transporting Heavy Equipment

Moving large objects is not cheap and to avoid any surprises, you should have a budget for it.  Is there any additional cost such as storage involved?  The cost to move your large and heavy equipment depends on a few factors, such as the shipping distance to the type of transport.  Besides that, here are other factors that determine the cost :-

Size – How big the heavy equipment will affect the price.  The standard solution is often flatbed hauls which are sufficient for most heavy large items. If your item requires more than a flatbed, then special trailers are required.  The price will be higher because special permit is needed and due to the size of the equipment, certain routes may be unavailable to travel, which might make the route longer.

Timings – If a delivery is specially made for you at a certain time, then this will likely raise the cost. 

Time Of Year – Weather conditions can also affect pricing in some cases as certain routes can be shut off and thus making the journey longer.

Pickup And Delivery Locations – If the pickup location is in a remote area, then this means more fuel and time is required to pick up your equipment. 

There are certain steps to take to ensure that the transport of your heavy machinery is effective and hassle-free. Transporting heavy equipment by road is something that only qualified and experienced professionals can do safely.   Choose the appropriate heavy machinery transporter and select among the best options for transportation.