Things to Do in the Capital Region of the USA!


There’s more to do than visit the White House

When people talk of visiting the capital of the free world, they often envision taking tours of the White House, and nothing but. While Washington, DC has become known for this and other historical monuments, there are many other places to visit in the Capital Region.

Speaking to Peter Stephens, CEO of dialaflight, Lisa Cooper of the Washington Tourist Office argued that the other states making up the Capital Region are wonderful in their own right, and that, as people flock towards DC, they’re missing out on some wonderful experiences. If you’re not from the states make sure to check if you need a visa before entering the country.



Maryland is known for its beautiful selection of fresh blue crab, but the region has a bit of everything. Maryland is quite diverse in that it has mountains in the west and the beaches in the east, and everything from small rural villages to urbanized cities in Baltimore, so there’s really something for everyone in the state.
Those who want to relax in nature can visit the Eastern Shore, the most popular attraction in Maryland. Located in the eastern side of Chesapeake Bay, the region has historic towns, beaches, and areas untouched by urbanization. Deep Creek Lake is also a great alternative, where tourists can participate in outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, fishing, and cycling, depending on when they choose to visit. In the colder months, Deep Creek Lake also offers skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile rentals.

For those looking for a bit of a thrill, Six Flags America is also a popular destination. Located in Mitchellville, MD, the amusement park has several roller coasters and some alternatives for younger children like the Looney Tunes Movie Town. There’s also a water park that has one of the largest wave pools in the USA.


Known as the “Mother of Presidents” because of the number of American presidents born in the state, Virginia is a testament to American history. The state strikes a balance between modern and classic, boasting of theme parks and museums, as well as a unique exhibit that teleports tourists into the 1700s.

If you’re traveling with children, you’ll be glad to know that Virginia has several water parks that can keep them entertained for hours on hours on end. Visit Ocean Breeze Waterpark, which has 16 waterslides and a 1-million gallon Runaway Baywave pool, as well as a dedicated children’s area. You could also go down to the Great Wolf Lodge, which has earned the distinction of being the “Number One Pool in the USA” from TripAdvisor. The Great Wolf Lodge has twisting tube slides, a lazy river, and a leisure pool, so it’s perfect for families with different tastes.

For a bit of a flashback, travel to Colonial Williamsburg’s Revolutionary City, where original buildings, homes and shops from the 1700s have been reconstructed. Citizens in this 301-acre living museum perform day-to-day tasks as though they were still in 1770s. Tourists can even take part in an interactive reenactment of the beginning of the revolution! It’s the perfect place to teach your children a piece of American history in a way they’ll never forget.


For many, travelling to DC is all about business, but the state is actually a great tourist destination, not just because of the White House, but because of all the rich, cultural monuments and museums found there.

Children and adults will enjoy visiting the Smithsonian National Zoo, where they can come in close contact with many different animal species. Just this week, a beautiful baby panda named Bao Bao has made her debut in the zoo, wowing audiences with its adorable panda ways. Admission to the zoo is free, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your whole clan in to see the many different animals being raised and cared for in the zoo.

DC is also home to the National Museum of Natural History, where visitors can witness a tarantula feeding, see the world’s largest blue diamond, and even see mummified cats! Admission to the museum is also free, and each floor of the museum has exhibits that take visitors through a tour of humanity and the world’s history, showing off skeletons and reconstructions of the world’s most terrifying beasts, all while housing the world’s most prolific insect zoo.

The next time you travel to DC, don’t limit yourself to visiting the White House and the Washington Monument. Take a trip out to Virginia and Maryland and see what else the Capital Region has to offer.