Top Destinations In Vitoria, Brazil Not To Miss!

The top destinations in Vitoria help maintain the high standard of tourism industry this city has. They are among the most beautiful locations one can visit in southeastern Brazil and evne South America for that matter. Vitoria is more than just a leading thriving metropolis in the Brazilian state of Espiritu Santo but it is also its capital. As far as history is concerned, this is the third oldest capital in Brazil followed consecutively by Salvador and Recife. Its foundation was met with dire challenges that threatened its very existence. For years, this harbor settlement was constantly attacked by British, French and Dutch raiders seeking to maximize profit from the sugar industry. This city received its namesake from the Latin word that meant “victory”. In 1551 the explorer Vasco Fernandes Coutinho won a skirmish against the Goytacaz Amerindians, securing their foothold in Espiritu Santo’s coast. Originally, the settlement was named Vila Nova do Espiritu Santo until the day the settlers celebrated their triumph.

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1. Cidade Alta District

Being one of the top destinations in Vitoria, Cicade Alta District is a popular venue for vacationers all over the world. This location translates in English as “High City” but its emphasis on altitude is centered at the Metropolitan Cathedral – one of the tallest historical structures in downtown area. The cathedral is built around year 1551. This district also has another interesting landmark. The Teatro Carlos Gomes was built around the year 1927 and it is considered as the last stop in touring this neighborhood.

2. Frade Island

The Frade Island is one of the most ideal locations for those seeking a splendid beach vacation. What makes this location special is the fact that it is situated outside of the metropolitan mainland, giving a better sense of privacy for many travelers. This island is connected to the mainland Vitoria via the Ponto do Camelo (Camel Bridge, owing its namesake to the arches resembling a camel’s hump). This beach is lauded for its impressive ecological condition as well as the number of splendid luxury houses. One beach in particular, the resort locals call Chestnut Bridge, has caught the attention of many family travelers. This beach is pretty much hidden from plain sight by rocks and a thick copse of trees.

3. Capela de Santa Luzia

This landmark is one of the most precious historical relics not only in Vitoria but also for the rest of the country. The Capela de Santa Luzia is definitely one of the oldest cathedrals in the country, built around the exact year this city was founded. In fact, it even preceded the actual establishment of the city, since it is common practice among Iberian settlers to build churches before real estate units.

4. Garoto Chocolate Factory

The Garoto Chocolate Factory has become one of the most popular among the top destinations in Vitoria. This venue especially appeals to young children with natural sweet tooth. The Garoto chocolate industry was founded by a German immigrant in 1929. The founder’s legacy now becomes a magical venue for children.

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