Can Arsenal Go All The Way And Win The Premier League?

After beating Manchester United last weekend, the belief that Arsenal can go on to win the Premier League title this year is stronger than it has ever been. Despite being just halfway through the season, the Gunners have amassed a points tally of 50 points already. This is an impressive feat and if they continue this kind of form there is no reason that they cannot win the league come May. Before you hit sites like and back Arsenal to be victorious, let’s have a look at whether or not they can actually win this thing. 

Injury Issues

Much like online pokies, injuries are very much luck of the draw and Arsenal are going to need to ride all of their luck if they want to lift this league title. There is no doubt that injuries could play a big part here. Many have suggested that the Arsenal bench is weak, but they have sustained some injuries already to the likes of Jesus and Tierney, and still survived. Given how tight the schedule will be between now and the end of the season, Arsenal could certainly come a cropper in this way. 

Europa League Pain

One of the biggest issues that this Arsenal side are going to have to get past is the fact that they will be playing on Thursday nights in the Europa League. This has historically proven problematic for sides, especially if they have to travel far and encounter a big Premier League game on a Sunday. As yet this Arsenal side have navigated the fixture pile-up well, but as the season wears on this can become more and more difficult. This is yet another potential roadblock standing in the way of Arsenal’s title hopes. 

Riding The Wave

Although there are some reasons why Arsenal may not be able to win the league, there are also plenty of reasons why they can. The first of these being that the Gunners are riding a crest of a wave, they have a team playing for each other and belief is seeping into the side. This is what Leicester had during that miracle season and we have seen so many other sides exemplify this behavior when they too were winning titles. If Arsenal keep it up, they will be unstoppable. 

Faltering Rivals

We are not trying to take anything away from what this Arsenal side and what they have achieved so far, but there is no doubt that the lack of real competition this season has been helpful. Chelsea and Liverpool may not even finish top 4, Man United are far behind, Spurs are in a crisis and even closest rivals City haven’t had a first half of the season as poor as this for some time. 

All of these factors certainly suggest that Arsenal could win the title, they just need to keep working together and hope that they have a little fortune when it comes to injuries.