Protecting your health while abroad!

At home medical care is easy to take for granted; it’s something we can rely upon to be there if we need it. When travelling abroad things aren’t so straightforward; we cannot rely on healthcare provision just being there.

Healthcare in foreign countries can operate by a very different system than you are used to at home and the quality of care provided may not always live up to what you would expect. Moreover, as a foreigner it is unlikely you will be entitled to free or subsidized care whilst overseas.

Medical insurance is an essential tool for ensuring our health and well being remains protected whilst in a foreign country and hopefully this article will help you choose the right policy for you.

international health care

Standard travel insurance vs. Expatriate medical insurance

Standard travel insurance policies include an aspect of medical insurance to help you if you fall ill or are injured whilst abroad. This cover is designed to get you well enough to travel before repatriating you for further treatment and recovery. Whilst this is generally ideal for holiday-makers, if you are living or working in a foreign country this cover is far from perfect and could mean you have to fly hundreds of miles from your new home to be treated.

Expatriate medical insurance is specifically designed for foreign nationals living or working abroad. These policies are intended to give you access to high quality, dependable medical care whilst overseas without the damaging costs of treatment expenses. Unlike travel insurance there is no maximum policy duration; you can be covered for as long as you need to be, and all of your treatment and recovery will take place in the country you are in, which is ideal for those living abroad.

Core plans tend to provide cover for essential hospital stays and treatment and may also include provisions for cancer treatment and psychiatric care. Policies are flexible and can be tailored to individual needs by supplementing core plans with optional benefits. These optional benefits might include out-patient provisions, covering prescriptions and visits to the doctor, maternity care and even vision and dental cover.

If you are an expatriate, or are considering moving abroad, it is essential that you consider investing in an insurance policy that can provide comprehensive overseas medical care for you and your family. We hope these tips and info will make the process a bit easier to navigate! Bon Voyage!