Insurance to Consider When Traveling

If you love to travel, you probably know how much insurance plays a role in your vacation. From car insurance, baggage insurance, to travel health insurance, there are various types of insurance to consider when you go on vacation. Here are some of the types of insurance to consider when you go on vacation.


1. Car insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state of the United States of America. If you are going on a road trip, you will absolutely need car insurance. To ensure a smooth trip, Make sure that you have car insurance before going. Additionally, keep your license and registration on you at all times.


If you are renting a car, consider purchasing the extra renter’s insurance. It is often worth the peace of mind. Check with your insurance, as your insurance may not allow you an option of coverage in a rental car, or it may not provide full coverage.

If you do not have car insurance, apply for a car insurance quote before going on vacation and make sure that your coverage will start by your vacation date. Nothing would be worse than starting a vacation and getting into trouble for not having insurance.


2. Baggage insurance

Every day there are stories about things being lost, stolen, or misplaced while traveling. However, on average, fewer than six bags per 1,000 passengers are mishandled every year at the airport. While this number is down from previous years, mistakes happen.


To prevent your bag from getting misplaced, lost or stolen, have your contact information on the bag. Comply with all federal travel laws, especially including what you are and aren’t allowed to pack. Ideally, money and medication should be packed in your carry on, although certain medication may have to be packed in a stowaway bag.


If you are concerned about your bag getting stolen, consider getting baggage insurance. When considering baggage insurance, get an estimate and look carefully into what it will cover. Not all insurance will cover all your packed items, so practice caution.


3. Health Insurance

Many people travel each year under the impression that their own insurance will work when traveling. While that may be true, health insurance does not always cover every location while traveling. If traveling abroad, for example, health insurance while traveling is extremely different than traveling locally.


If traveling abroad, research the healthcare in the country you are traveling too. What will happen if you have an emergency medical experience while abroad? Will you be covered? If not, purchase health insurance.


4. Rental insurance

Many people do not know that their renter’s insurance can cover them when traveling. If you have renter’s insurance, check what it covers before you travel. You may be surprised at what it covers! Just make sure to read the fine print of where coverage applies.


When you do research, and plan out your trip well like finding great tours on Viator, staying safe on vacation is a completely doable process. If you plan for the unexpected, your trip is much more likely to be stress-free than if you do not plan.

Millions of people travel safely each year, and with a few simple steps, you can be one of them.