The future of online gaming: mobile!

The future of online gaming is mobile ... photo by CC user (public domain)

Ready to embrace the future of online gaming? With an internet connected portable computer in almost everyone’s pocket these days, mobile is the new frontier. Want to learn a bit more of what is happening with this genre of the medium? Read on below to find out…

Excitement available wherever you go

Have you ever found yourself in the backseat of a car with nothing but boring as a stump scenery to keep you company, or stuck on a city bus during a slow as heck commute? Wish you could inject some excitement into this mentally torturous part of your day?

With the advent of mobile gaming in the late 2000’s, every smartphone or tablet has the capacity to bring the thrill on an online casino to you. Sit in bumper to bumper traffic, have the chance to win money … sounds like an awesome thing to do, doesn’t it?

Despite regulatory challenges, gaming on the go is here to stay

Early projections had mobile gaming turning into a phenomenon that was expected to mushroom into a multi-billion dollar industry, and while that has happened, expectations have still fallen short of reality in this entertainment form’s first decade.

Societal hangups on gaming have proven to be a challenge, especially in the United States of America. In 2006, the Republican administration of the day passed a piece of legislation known as UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

This has made the funding of mobile gaming accounts in the USA difficult, and has created the perception that mobile gaming is less than legal (in most cases, it is, despite impressions to the contrary).

In that time, growth has been driven by more liberal attitudes towards gaming in Europe and Asia, and with rumors of a thawing in the chilly relations between the gaming industry and the current government in power, America may soon play a bigger role in the online gaming revolution.

What games can you expect to find in mobile casinos?

There are a variety of games to participate in when one plays on a mobile gaming site, though some that work on desktops and laptops tend not to port well to mobile platforms.

Just the same, slots have taken off in a big way on these sites, as their visually stunning nature and simplicity of operation have made them a favorite among gamers.

Video poker, roulette and blackjack also translate well, so if any of these games interest you, trying netbet mobile casino games on your smartphone might be worth your time.