How Solo Females Can Travel Safely

Traveling throughout the world presents a series of risks and challenges and when it comes to avoiding crime, one must be smart and cautious at all times especially when traveling in a foreign land. Women in particular are at a higher risk of running into problems when they are traveling and whilst this is an upsetting fact, it is a fact nonetheless and for that reason women should be much more cautious when they go traveling, especially if they are doing so alone.

The ladies out there should not be put off traveling because of this fact however and instead of being scared of what might happen, adopting a smart approach and going out there to enjoy the world is a much better option. Here are some tips for the females who are looking to travel solo and stay safe.

Meeting People

Meeting up with other travelers and locals can really help to enhance your travel experience and give you the opportunity to meet some fun and exciting people. In addition, making friends or doing things in groups is also a great way of helping you to stay safe. You can find solo travelers to meet up with by downloading an app, using social media or even visiting forums and you may even make some friends for life!


Knowing who to trust and who not to trust is incredibly complex and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to who to put your faith in. The best rule of thumb here is to trust your instinct and question everything when you meet somebody new. Failing to trust someone who is trying to do something nice can feel terrible when you find out the truth but this is a far better outcome than to place your trust in someone who has bad intentions, go with your gut and if it doesn’t feel right then leave the situation.

Avoid the Bullseye

Avoiding becoming a bullseye is not only advice for solo females but also for anyone who is traveling alone. The last thing that you should be doing if you want to avoid any problems is standing out, you should aim to blend in to whatever surroundings you are in. When it comes to avoiding muggings or theft you must makes sure that you are not presenting yourself as a target by wearing expensive jewelry or unnecessarily flashing your cash.


Understanding what kind of place you are in is the best way to avoid danger, every city has its high crime areas, get to know them and avoid them. Equally, many places have common ‘tourist traps,’ make sure you do some research before hand so that you do not get caught out. Some places have higher crime rates than others with some crimes being more common than others, having this information can really help you to avoid potential problems.

Travel by all means but make sure you take as many precautions as possible so that you can ensure your safety and a fun travel experience.