Breaking new frontiers, without breaking your travel budget

Your travel budget can spiral out of control in cities like this one ... plan ahead and save

Traveling is something most people love and it ought to be an escape from day-to-day concerns, but traveling without thought to the cost can lead to a lot of additional concerns further down the road. By planning carefully and setting a good travel budget, it’s possible to have a lot of fun without breaking the bank. If you do it well in advance it can help you to work out how to set money aside so you have everything you need before setting off, and no need to take out loans.

Setting a budget

When setting a budget, it’s best to start by itemizing the things you’ll need to pay for: –

  • Documents—people often overlook this one, but the cost of passport, visas and other travel documents can soon add up.
  • Vaccinations—you’ll need to get vaccinations in order to visit some places safely, and these can cost quite a bit—but less than the medical treatment you could need without them.
  • Transport—consider not only the cost of reaching your destination but also that of getting around once you’re there.
  • Accommodation—whether you’re staying in a hotel, a hostel, a rental apartment, a caravan or even a tent, it’s going to cost you something.
  • Food—don’t just consider the cost of evening meals but factor in light lunches and the snacks you’re going to want if you’re using a lot of energy walking around.
  • Entertainment—this part of the budget needs to cover everything from theme park visits to nightclubbing, jet skiing and theater trips.
  • Shopping—whether you want treats for yourself or gifts for your loved ones back home, you’re going to need to set aside some cash for it.
  • Emergencies—you can’t cover all eventualities with an emergency budget but it’s wise to have enough set aside to deal with comparatively minor problems.

Saving money

Setting your budget is a good opportunity to look out for ways of making savings. You can use the Internet to look for things like hotel deals and travel discounts well ahead of time. If you’re traveling in your own car, you can take a certain amount of food with you, and if you book accommodation with a kitchen you can save money by cooking your own meals. You may also be able to find entertainment deals either online or with the help of the place where you’ll be staying.

When things go wrong

Even with the best-planned budget, unexpected things can happen that leave you requiring extra money. Many people get into trouble because they get into the habit of exceeding their budgets by just a little bit every day, and it quickly adds up. It’s a good idea to have a back-up plan or learn how to use TransFast before setting off so that your loved ones back home can help you out if necessary. Knowing you have all this in hand means you’ll really be free to enjoy your vacation.