The funnest sports to bet on around the world

Ice hockey is one of the funnest sports to bet on ... photo by CC user Elliot on Flickr

Grown weary of wagering money on the same old sports? There is a wide variety of games to bet on these days that are far more exciting than the ones you’ve grown accustomed to. In this article, we will profile some of the funnest sports to bet on around the world…

1) Ice hockey

Its popularity has been traditionally anchored to places where winter brings long nights and bitterly col temperatures, but don’t let this bit of cultural inertia stop you from checking out an ice hockey game the next time you happen upon one while channel surfing.

Combining the physicality of rugby with a speed and finesse that is unmatched by any other sport out there today, ice hockey is a game with exciting end to end rushes, bone-crushing hits, and impossible saves by amazingly athletic goalkeepers.

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2) Mixed martial arts

In the past decade, the mixed martial arts revolution has thrown a bucket of ice water on the staid sport of boxing, allowing warriors of various combat disciplines to put their styles to the test against each other in the octagon.

Muay Thai, karate, wrestlers, and specialists that combine a variety of marital arts in their training all come at each other at events that are filled with surprise moves from the first match of the evening straight through to the main event.

Feel that a newcomer to this sport has an unbeatable mix of skills compared to its grizzled veterans? Put your intuition to the test at William Hill Sports and you’ll end your night at the pub up money … how often does that happen?

3) Basketball

Find yourself falling asleep waiting for two defensively solid football teams to get on with it and make some bold offensive forays into their opponent’s zone?

Maybe it’s time you checked out some basketball matches instead. With goaltending expressly forbidden in this game, basketball is a sport defined by its high scores.

Defensive brilliance is more noticeable by the restrictions placed on it, and with so many sharp shooters on many of the NBA’s elite teams, you won’t ever find yourself slumped back in your seat, overcome by fatigue.

Like baseball, this game has many statistical categories, allowing you to sweat the outcome of numerous bets that you make during the course of any given game.