6 Cool New River Cruises

Cruising has never been so popular. It is no longer just something that older people can afford to do. But it’s not just the affordability which is no longer an issue. 

The boats are getting better with a host of attractive features and the destinations are becoming more exotic and enthralling. No matter what you enjoy, you’ll find a cruise to suit your needs today! You could go as far as to say cruising is actually cool.

Here are 6 exciting new river cruises:

  1. The Mississippi River

Photo Courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company

Take a paddleboat cruise up the Mississippi and enjoy between 5 and 23 days of history, beautiful scenery and even some impressive civil war memorials.

You are guaranteed to be enchanted and enthralled when you cruse on one of these luxury boats. It doesn’t matter if you love nature, history or simply want to relax with some stunning scenery; you will enjoy this cruise!

You can even enjoy a book written by Twain to accompany the scenery. 

  1. The Hudson

You may not have considered this option before but this is the cruise that will have you marveling at the opulence of some homeowners. At the same time you can be spoilt on the boat!

Take a cruise from New York up the Hudson River and make sure you enjoy every moment on deck!  You’ll see the Saugerties lighthouse, have the opportunity to tour the US military academy and take a peep at a world of millionaires; homes that most people can only dream of.

  1. Natural Exploration in Alaska

You can cruise along the waterways near the capital city of Alaska and find a host of fjords, straits and sparkling blue waters.

The trip is aimed at those who love nature. You’ll travel along the river stopping at all the small towns and cities but the real excitement comes in seeing the wildlife.

Prepare to meet grizzlies and a host of other wild animals as you enjoy 9 days on the luxury ship.

  1. The Great Lakes

This river cruise will actually take you into Canada and back; you may need to keep your passport handy!

In one trip you’ll be able to see and enjoy all of the 5 great lakes, including Lake Ontario and Lake Superior.

You’ll also get to experience the fun of locks and canals. In addition, there are a host of side trips including Niagara Falls and the Henry Ford Museum.

  1. New England

If you’re looking for something a little different then you can try this 7-day river cruise. You leave at Rhode Island and enjoy 7 days of tranquility as you whale watch, spot birds and experience the array of islands in New England. You’ll get to see Nantucket Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island.

  1. The Pacific Northwest

This is a new and exciting addition to the river cruise scene. Enjoy a 7 day trip along the river to see Portland, Oregon, Clarkston and, of course, Washington. You can enjoy all the natural wonders and some impressive history on the way.