Top Things To Know About Visiting Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy, Australia is a very unique town that is well worth a visit!

The top things to know about visiting Coober Pedy, Australia ensures that people having a vacation here will find no difficulty when it comes to making their holidays count. To begin with, one must understand that Coober Pedy is a rugged mining settlement. This alone pretty much explains what people can expect when they visit this town.

A unique experience is definitely a top consideration. What Coober Pedy cannot offer, however, is the sophistication that most highly urbanized cities have. Another fact worth considering is that this town is called the “opal capital of the world”.

For the benefit of those who do not know, opal is a precious gemstone that some may simply consider as “the rarest cousin of ordinary marble”. These kinds of gemstone are almost exclusively mined in Coober Pedy alone, owing to the local mining industry’s astounding wealth. Thus, this land and its inhabitants truly defy expectations.

1. Wealth and simplicity: the good irony

Inhabitants of Coober Pedy will really strike anyone as odd simply because of the lifestyle they live. Miners, which comprised the majority of the town’s population and culture, are definitely wealthy people due to the abundance of precious gemstones like opal and diamond.

However, they do not live in mansions the way we imagine them. These people live underground and they remain accustomed to the rugged lifestyle that their forefathers are used to. Given this ironic conditions, one can pretty much understand the kind of people you are dealing with. Meeting unpretentious individuals is something one should not take for granted.

2. How beautiful truly is the night sky?

One of the top things to know about visiting Coober Pedy is that the outdoors has a severe shortage of lighting system. People may expect this to prove inconvenient when one goes outside at night. However, that does not always prove to be true.

The main advantage of the absence of street lights is that star gazing is truly a wonderful experience. In Coober Pedy, it is taken to a whole new level since it does not require telescope to see the constellations. In fact, one can even avail for an astronomical tour guide since in this part of the world constellations do not stay at one place around the vast night sky.

3. Understanding the practicality of staying underground

Another of the top things to know about visiting Coober Pedy is the practical reason behind staying underground. Truly, one does not choose this inconvenient form of sheltering if not for any realistic justification apart from being accustomed to the culture of the town. In fact staying underground means one is being protected from the heat of the summer daylight. Coober Pedy’s climate is dry and oftentimes unforgiving.

4. Practice caution when entering the mineshafts.

The mines in Coober Pedy are pretty much the same as the mines everywhere – they are very dangerous. It is important to take caution and heed warning signs posted because locals are not joking around regarding to its dangers.