Essential Items for your European Vacation

Although most European travel destinations offer the traveller a relatively stress-free and modern holiday experience, there are enough variations between the nations to make packing our bags a bit of a headache!

With the northern nations of Scotland and Sweden delivering chilly nights the year round, and the southern countries of Spain and Greece offering sweltering conditions in summer, it’s a good idea to spend a little time researching your location before packing.


If you’re planning a beach holiday, then there’s a few essential items to consider as well as your swimwear! We all know about the harmful effects of spending too long in the sun, so packing lots of high UVA sunscreen is a must.

And similarly, it’s also worth double checking with your doctor about vaccinations for your warm weather holiday, as even somewhere as familiar as Turkey advises a hepatitis A jab.


But it’s not just the warm countries that can provide some airborne unpleasantness, as any visitor to Scotland in the warmer months will know about the annoying midges! This is why using a strong insect repellent like Jungle Formula can do much in deterring a range of irritating insects.

Although we can keep the insects away, there’s little that we can do about any inclement weather, which is why taking a fully-charged eReader or tablet can be an excellent idea for any rainy afternoons.

Tablets are particularly useful for loading with movies on any long flight, and the games of poker and blackjack that are available now at Betway Online Casino can do a much better job of keeping you entertained than the in-flight magazine!

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Obviously keeping your tablet, eReader, smartphone and camera charged whilst travelling on the go can be a real task. And the multitude of plug sockets that differ across Switzerland, the UK, Denmark, France and Italy certainly don’t help things, so be sure to check out this European plug guide and also get a multi-region plug adaptor for your devices.

It’s also worth thinking about which apps your smartphone is loaded with. As well as your online casino gaming entertainment, your phone can also hold useful currency converting apps like XE Currency, just be sure to keep an eye out for those data roaming charges!

And finally, whilst most of European countries don’t insist on border checks, it’s always a good idea to keep your passport with you at all times as roadside checks do happen!