Best Time To Visit Malawi

If you fancy spending time at lush Lake Malawi, then summer is the best time to visit Malawi

Tourists often asked “When is the best time to visit Malawi?” The answer is frequently not the same for all. One person’s best time to visit might be another person’s worst. The time for visit actually depends on many things such as the tourist’s interest, budget considerations, climate, peak tourist seasons and events they would want to partake into.

In terms of the climate, Malawi experiences rainfall and downpour mainly during the months of December, January, February and March. The highland areas in Malawi receive more rainfall more often than not. During this season, the temperature is hot in between afternoon rains. The accessibility to the roads at this time can be difficult since the ways might get flooded and slippery which makes it totally inconvenient for a tour.

However, though many do not contemplate travelling at these times, it is for some, actually their best time to visit Malawi especially when the rain is coming to its end, particularly by months of April to May. This is the time when Malawi is in its most glorious beauty. The vegetation is at its splendor. It is lush and impressive. Birds and various sceneries are found to be wonderful at these times of the year. The days are warm for a beautiful tour but the nights are cold for a magnificent relaxation experience.

During winter months, however, the nights become a lot cooler, although the days remain to be warm and clear. These months run from June, July and August. Tour-goers should bring warmer clothes to keep them balmy at night.

These times however are the start of the peak season of tourist visit in Malawi since days are good and activities are quite numerous at these days. This however means that accommodation, food and airfare could go up as high as normal and there can be a lesser elbow room in your tours due to the flocking tourists in the land. But rest assured of all these foreseeable crises, there are plenty of fun and entertainment one can get during these times, which are considered by some as the best time to visit Malawi.

Summer time, on the other hand arrives in months of September, October and November in the southern reaches of Africa. Expectedly, the temperature climbs up and other parts in Malawi get hot most especially those located in low areas such as those around the lake of Malawi.

Though the climate seems hot, this is a good time for some activities especially water fun such as swimming and dipping in their lakes, fishing, snorkeling and diving in their golden beaches. This is also a great time for camping at Monkey Bay and cruising at Likoma Island. Simply put, to fully enjoy the activities and the land itself, one should know the best time to visit Malawi.