5 Exciting Holiday Ideas For The Summer

A jaunt through Morocco is one of many exciting holiday ideas you can act on this summer!


Morocco is one of the more exciting holiday ideas that can be reached easily from Europe and as such, it has started to turn out to be a popular summer destination near home. It is a country with intriguing cultures, diverse landscapes and rich past. Take a tour of Morocco and discover its enchanting cities, experience its vast Sahara deserts, venture high up the rugged Atlas ranges, play golf in its fine courses and relax in a laidback seaside town. Morocco’s diversities cause it to be a region where every kind of holiday is possible, whether you want to experience culture in a riad, sleep under the stars in the desert or enjoy water sports, it has it all.


With summer just around the corner, most people may be making plans to travel abroad for the holidays, but for others staycations is also a welcome idea.  The UK has many unique destinations ideal for a short break. The Lakes District with its numerous lakes and mountains attracts those seeking a tranquil break, Corn exudes a strong sense of culture and boasts of its remarkable coastlines dotted with beautiful harbors and Snowdonia gives you a tight connection with Mother Nature and offers a playground for adventure seekers.


Cyprus is a famed destination for beach holidays; it is one of the numerous Greece Islands’ that is steeped in culture, history and myth. It is a place that entices sun seekers and lovers with its pristine beaches and the myth of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite being born here. It is an island that will give you more than just a beach holiday this summer, explore its ancient cities, taste its famed Cypriot cuisine and laze long its spectacular beaches.

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Escape to the rolling hills of Italy, bask in the sun, taste the finest wines and play in scenic courses littered all across the country this summer. Italy is a fabulous destination for any kind of holiday; it is a country with rich heritage, wealth of artistic treasures and mouthwatering cuisine.

You have a wide variety of golf destinations in Italy; the Italian Lakes region offers stunning sceneries and excellent courses, Tuscany with its numerous spread out courses and classic sceneries, Sardinia offers perfect all year weather and Sicily still adding more courses to its collection of fine courses. Maybe you should look into some Italian language services so you can make sure you can read all the menus!

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If you want to combine an artistic, cultural and beach holiday Barcelona has got it all. It is a city well known for its vibrant nightlife, wild beach parties, famous architectural creations of Antoni Gaudi and favorable climate.

A great place to start your exploration is the city’s most famous and unashamedly commercial street of La Rambla whose 1.2 km long street takes you through cafes and shops and to the sea. Do not forget to explore the ancient part of the town the medieval Gothic Centre with its winding streets and secluded squares.  With its world-class attractions, fresh sea food and fantastic beaches Barcelona is the perfect city to escape to this summer.