How to Arrange an Awesome Stag Party

Should the time ever come for your to take on best man duties for a friend’s wedding then there will be two main areas of concern, the first is of course, the speech for the wedding, this is a nerve-racking affair for anyone and you will have to ensure that you are confident enough and that you are armed with sufficient jokes and stories about the groom in order to deliver a great speech.

The second responsibility which you will have as the best man is to arrange an awesome bachelor party for your soon-to-be-married friend to ensure that their last night of freedom goes off in style. If you are in the process of planning a stag party for your friend then here are some great tips to help it go off with class.

Limo Hire

What better way to spend the night than being ferried around by a limousine for all of the stags. I arranged a stag party for my friend recently and this was by far one of the best decisions that I made, I searched for what limousine hire Perth had to offer and picked a great company who provided a sleek limousine, inside was champagne, a sound system, cool seating and we were taken to the clubs of our choice in style. If you’re in the Perth area then click here  to see the company that I used.


Costumes add an awesome touch to any stag party and they also give you the chance to dress the stag up in something suitably embarrassing to ensure that they remember their night. On my buddy’s stag night we all dressed up as vicar’s and had the stag dressed up as a nun, it added laughs and jokes to the occasion and it made sure that everyone in the club knew what we were all about which led to a few free drinks. Wearing costumes can also help those who are a little worse for wear to find their stag buddies!


The stag party should be about more than just hitting clubs and drinking and one really cool way to enjoy the experience is to plan an event during the day for the stags. You could choose something like paint-balling or go-karting, anything that gets all of the guys together and adds a little bit of healthy competition. Remember that the stag party should be about wall-to-wall fun and if you can tie in an day-time experience like this before you hit the town on the nighttime then you can ensure that maximum fun is had and the groom will have a day that he will never forget.

There are some companies which you can find online where they will organize your stag-trip for you or if you do prefer to do it yourself then you can look online for other great ideas and see what other stag parties have done in the past. Try not to feel too pressured when you are arranging the stag do, simply remember that fun is what you are after and you will be just fine.